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At the Cascina Santa Marta riding center hippotherapy courses are held, under the supervision of Dr. Monica Dessi, a vet with degree in hippotherapy and a federal qualification. The hippotherapy courses are held in the morning, both for individual children with disabilities and for associations. Cascina Santa Marta is recognised by ANIRE as a center for hippotherapy.
Hippotherapy, or horse riding for therapeutic purposes, has ancient origins because the horse, with its extraordinary qualities of sensitivity, adaptation and intelligence, has always been considered "extraordinary medicine". Of horse riding for therapeutic purposes there are traces already in the works of Hippocrates (460-370 BC), who recommended long rides to fight anxiety and insomnia.
Therapy with Horses (TMC), was introduced in Italy in 1975 by the Belgian Dr DaniŔle Nicolas Citterio who has contributed to the use of therapeutic horse riding in association with National Association for the Rehabilitation with Horses (ANIRE). Thanks to the interaction between man and horse, hippotherapy acts at neuro-motor and neuro-psychological levels.
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