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Our products
Our products
Mocine, an agricultural cooperative organization, is really first class. In the area of Chiusure di Asciano we produce and bottle organic extra virgin olive oil and quality wines like Mocine, Otto Rintocchi e S´Indora, which come from a long selection of precious grapes: Sangiovese, Colorino and two old local varieties, Foglia Tonda and Barsaglina.
The atmosphere of Mocine lends a special flavour to the products of the land, man and nature being inextricably linked.
But Mocine is not only The Crete Senesi. Cascina Santa Marta, a traditional farmhouse set in the heart of Milan´s southern Country Park, is another jewel. Here we offer products of local agriculture and cattle breeding, together with new activities connected to the discovery of the area. Following the methods of eco-friendly agriculture, we grow rice, in the two varieties of Carnaroli and Arborio, sweetcorn, pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, chicory, beans, apples, peaches and all the products typical of the area.
Our wines are the fruit of a long cooperation with the renowned wine-expert Attilio Pagli. They come from a scrupulous selection of Sangiovese and Colorino grapes, with the addition of two rare Tuscan varieties, Foglia Tonda and Barsaglina. At present we bottle and sell the following wines, Alba, Mocine, Santa Marta, Otto Rintocchi and S´Indora.
At Cascina Santa Marta farm we grow, following eco-friendly methods, sweetcorn, rice, vegetables and fruit, covering an area of 100 hectares. The presence of abundant water from natural underground springs is fundamental for the cultivation of these products, allowing high quality water all the year round.
The most important of our crops is certainly rice, represented by the Carnaroli and Arborio varieties, which are grown over an area covering 60% of the farmland.
You will find all our products in the farm shop but, as a choice of the cooperative, rice is also sold to restaurants and delicatessens.
Our decision to favour rice in particular is due to our desire to improve a typical product of the land and craftmanship in processing. Our rice is characterised by the fact that it is not totally white, but each grain has dark stripes due to traditional husking, which ensures higher nutritional values and improved cooking.
Packaging is also important for us, and our choice has fallen on a two layer pack reminiscent of the old bags for bread, with the internal layer ensuring a controlled atmosphere and the external one, in paper, which covers the pack.
We produce and bottle organic extra virgin olive oil only from Tuscany. Olives are hand-picked from 2.300 olive trees of Frantoio, Correggiolo, Leccino, Moraiolo varieties. The result is an oil which possesses an intense fragrance and an elegant taste.
Milk and dairies
We also produce premium milk, yogurt, both natural and flavoured with strawberries, nuts, peppermint. Plus seasoned Grana Padano cheese.
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